According to the latest roster and with the new law for local government, the Municipalityof Kisela Voda have:

  • Total population 58.216
  • Natural increase of the population is 4,2‰ per mills
  • Optimal density of the population is 99 persons/km2, the most populous is the west part with more than 150 persons/km2, and the least population has the central industrial zone with less than 10 persons/km2.
  • Age structure of the population

o         Young population to 19 years – 28,6%


o         Mature population 20-59 years – 61,3%


o         Old population over 60 years – 10,1%


  • Activity structure:


o         Dependent population 38,4%


o         Active population 47,5%


o         People with personal remuneration  14,1%


National structure: Macedonians 50702(91,2%); Serbs 1401 (2,62%); Gypsies 716 (1,34%);  Vlahos 631 (1,18%); Turks 459 (0,86%); Bosnians 425 (0,80%); Albanians 256 (0,47%) and others (1,53%).



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