The new council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda has been constituted

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Today (08.11.2017) the Council of the Municipality of Kisela Voda held its first constitutive session.


The mandates of the 23 new councilors of the municipality were verified.

Dario Šimić was elected as the new President of the Council.

Pothole repair campaign in Kisela Voda

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Road reconstruction and pothole repair campaign is under way within the municipality of Kisela Voda. So far, as part of this campaign, most of the damaged roads in the area of suburbs Cvetan Dimov, Przino, Crnice, Dracevo, 11 October and Pripor were repaired. It was used around 115 tons of asphalt and it was repaired area of 926 squared meters 



Opened 8th Summer cultural festval"Tri Krusi 2013"

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More than 3000 people gathered at the opening of the Summer Cultural Festival "Tri Krusi 2013" this year.Festival was opened by the mayor of the  municipality, Biljana Belicanec-Aleksic. After that visitors were enjoying in performance of church choir music performed by Harmosini, and music of Macedonian etno band  Sintezis.

6000 denars for every newborn baby in municipality

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Municipality of Kisela Voda has provided 6000 denars for every newborn baby within the municipality starting from June 20,2013 until the end of the year.Mayor of Municipality of Kisela Voda ,Biljana Belicanec-Aleksic and Minister for Labour and Social Policy,Dime Spasov  held a press conference to announce and explain this project.

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