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With the Law for new territory division of the Republic of Macedonia ratified in August 2004 year, the borders of the Municipality of Kisela Voda were considerably changed. According to this territory organization the Municipality of Kisela Voda embrace surface of 46,86 km2 and lies on the southeast part of the Skopje field. The Municipality of Kisela Voda is bordering with the municipality of Center as well as with the new established municipalities of Aerodrom, Studenicani and Sopiste. According to the latest roster the Municipality of Kisela Voda have total population of 58,216 of which 91,2% are Macedonians. On the territory of the Municipality for the needs of the population exist 13 local communities. In the borders of the Municipality of Kisela Voda exist many churches and monasteries that present main tourist destination in this region.




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